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Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group is an exciting new approach to quality children’s literature. We curate our collection through an organic creative process, driven by authors. This process results in enduring tales that celebrate individuality and diversity.


Printed Books

Affordable softcover and hardcover books printed on high-quality paper in vibrant colors.


Affordable softcover and hardcover books printed on high-quality paper in vibrant colors.


Engaging and interactive story-based apps for at-home or on-the-road fun and learning.

Brand Licensing

Find merchandise and activities based on the charming characters from our books.

Color Sparky and the Farm Where He Grew Up!

In The Puppy Adventures of Sparky the Fire Dog—the Coloring Book, let your child use their own imagination and creativity as they explore the farm where Sparky grew up, and the fun places where his brothers and sisters find ways to help others.

Coming July of 2017

Follow Sparky and Learn About Fire Safety!

This adorable Dalmatian puppy is an important member of the team at the fire station.

But he’s more than just a cute character: Sparky is the official spokesdog for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and what he has to say can save lives.

Available in May of 2017

Twins Freddie and Teddy Go Trick-or-Treating

Freddie as a gory goblin and Teddy as a one-eyed pirate create chaos as they gleefully scare their household.

As they prepare to go trick-or-treating, mom asks them to remember to be polite when given a treat by the neighbors. However, the twins forget to say thank you for treats as they try to be as scary as possible…

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Enjoy the Simple Pleasures that Life Brings

In Happy Thanksgiving Hammy, little Jesse is thankful and happy for all the wonderful people and events in his life

A simple and moving message that helps children to think about what they have to be thankful for in their homes and lives.

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A Story of Courage and Friendship

In The Lonely Boats, a young boy named Michael recalls happy summers visiting his grandma Rose in Hattie’s Harbor with his family. One particular summer, his father tells him the story of a boat-builder named Garth who built two boats from felled oak trees and named them Kitty and Lou. When a hurricane threatens the village, Kitty and Lou spring into action. 

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Everyone is Afraid of Something

During another magical sunset in New York City, Maxi the Taxi Dog and Jim pick up their first fare, Tupa, a night custodian at the Museum. Tupa is afraid of losing his job because he’s afraid of the dark! Maxi finds a way to give Tupa the confidence he needs to overcome his fears. Maxi and the Bark in the Dark is one of four stories in The Adventures of Taxi Dog series.

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Everyone Needs a Friend

The big city can be a lonely place – especially when you are a bulldog with a big heart. Follow Turbo throughout the year as he searches with his nose, listens with his ears, and dreams of finding a friend.

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A Story of Roy G. Biv

The rainbow people play beautiful music on instruments like the flute, the tuba and drums. Little Roy G. Biv, whose name stands for the colors of the rainbow, doesn’t have a talent for playing a musical instrument. However, his dancing shows that he has a gift for rhythm, so the Rainbow band gives him a shiny silver whistle and golden baton and ask him to lead the band!  Find Your Music exposes children to colors, musical instruments, and especially the powers of persistence and creative thinking.

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Loyalty, Friendship and Determination!

The Holiday Classic with Over 1 Million Copies Sold

On a snowy winter day, Jeff and Veronica take their new puppy out for a game of catch. But Snowflake soon disappears! Her white fur blends right into a mound of snow. The neighbors try to help while Snowflake plays a game of hide-and-seek with the reader!

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Who Cares About Yoga!

When Axel’s sister and playmate Mitzi turns ten, she gets a yoga mat for her birthday and starts spending lots of time doing yoga with her friend, Beth. Yoga Poga Shmoga! is an endearing story of how yoga teaches more than just poses and transforms the relationship between two young siblings.

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A Story About the Rewards of Mercy and Compassion

“Chizi’s Tale” is based on the true story of how a park ranger took an orphaned baby rhino into his home to nurture and love, and where he lived until he matured.

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Loyalty, Friendship and Determination!

An urban legend is born! 

Readers will marvel at Tony’s dedication, loyalty, bravery and devotion. The story’s focus on the power of relationships will bring readers back again and again.

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Share Important Milestones with the Big Boy in Your Life!

It’s Billy’s birthday, but he has more than turning a year older to celebrate—Billy is growing up!

Focusing on specific developmental milestones that children identify with and take pride in, this colorful book follows Billy through the significant changes in a child’s first years. Record your child’s milestone achievements on special pages inside just for them!

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Share Important Milestones with the Big Girl in Your Life!

As Abigail learns to say “please” and “thank you,” and pick up her own toys, she becomes a big girl.

Abigail is a Big Girl celebrates a child’s first accomplishments and encourages them to dream of all the things they will soon be able to do. Record your child’s milestone achievements on special pages inside just for them!

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What We Do Each Day Before and After We Play!

Billy and Abigail wake up each morning eager to start the day.

Before they go out to play, they brush their teeth, comb their hair, get dressed, and even set their own place for breakfast! Good Morning, Good Night Billy & Abigail shows how much fun and freedom comes with being self-sufficient.

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Come Along With Us On a Counting Adventure!

Billy and Abigail show how useful and fun it is to count things they discover right outside their door, like squirrels, acorns, rocks and more.

A Counting Book with Billy and Abigail is a great tool for teaching young readers to count to ten, and also to observe the world around them, full of things just waiting to be counted.

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Fresh Pick

The Lonely Boats

COMING IN MARCH 2017—In The Lonely Boats, hear the story of a boat-builder named Garth who built two boats from felled oak trees and named them Kitty and Lou. When a hurricane threatens their village, Kitty and Lou spring into action, but they lose track of each other during the storm. The Lonely Boats teaches children the importance of friendship, teamwork and loyalty.


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Featuring early-concept, board and picture books that tell stories and begin that all important journey of life-long learning[For ages 0-5]

The only imprint of its kind, featuring early concept, pop-up, nonfiction, board and picture books, folk and fairy tales that celebrate families and loving relationships within the LGBTQ community [For ages 0-10]

Titles in the categories of folk tales, fairy tales; pop-up, novelty, and picture books; and easy-concept non-fiction [For ages 4-10]