Peek-A-Boo Publishing Group is proud to announce the first title in its spring 2016 publishing plan, Find Your Music, which will be distributed in five formats by Chicago-based Independent Publisher’s Group (IPG). Written by Emmy Award-winning author Don Hoffman, Find Your Music is a story of a small boy who leads the band after struggling to find an instrument that suits him. 

Find Your Music is the first story of 10 wonderful tales that we are excited to share with the world,” said Hoffman. “Learning to play an instrument can be a difficult task for anyone, especially children. The acronym Roy G. Biv is a building block to learning the colors of the rainbow, and Peek-A-Boo tells this story by encouraging children to keep trying if at first they don’t succeed.”

Find Your Music exposes children to colors, musical instruments, and especially the powers of persistence and creative thinking. In the story, the rainbow people play beautiful music on instruments like the flute, the tuba and drums. Little Roy G. Biv, whose name stands for the colors of the rainbow, doesn’t have a talent for playing a musical instrument. However, his dancing shows that he has a gift for rhythm, so the Rainbow band gives him a shiny silver whistle and golden baton and ask him to lead the band.

Physical and electronic versions of Find Your Music will be available for purchase on April 1, 2016.  It is currently available for pre-order online through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other major retailers.