Abigail is a Big Girl


8 x 8 inches, 28 pages plus cover

Written by Don Hoffman
Illustrated by Todd Dakins

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Product Description

Abigail is growing up! Instead of a crib, she has a grown-up bed, and her smile is brighter now that all her teeth have grown in. She used to eat in a chair with a tray and her drawings were just scribbles, but now she sits at the table to eat, and she paints pictures. As Abigail learns to say “please” and “thank you,” and pick up her own toys, she becomes a big girl. Soon, Abigail will read her own books and tie her own shoes! Abigail is a Big Girl celebrates a child’s first accomplishments and encourages them to dream of all the things they will soon be able to do. Record your child’s milestone achievements on special pages just for them!