Tony the Ferry Riding Pigeon


8 x 8 inches, 32 pages plus cover

Written by Don Hoffman and Priscilla Palmer
Illustrated by Dylan Goldberger

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Product Description

Millions of pigeons make their home in New York City, including Tony, a very special pigeon. Tony the pigeon rides from Manhattan to New Jersey every day with his best friend Nate, who works on the ferry. When Nate confides in Tony about his plan to ask Lily to marry him, a giant wave causes Nate to fall and lose the engagement ring! Tony doesn’t give up searching and later finds the ring, but then Lily tells him she has lost her job at the bakery and she will have to stop riding the ferry! Find out how Tony calls on all his pigeon friends and then braves a snowstorm to save the day. Tony the Ferry Riding Pigeon celebrates friendship and proves that anyone can be a hero with hard work, determination, and loyalty.